Not done Sir, but doing.

Plenty is doing.

"None other than the revered master, St Thomas Aquinas, uttered pronouncements adverse to womanhood - although less radical than those of {Christian} mystics who, in their excessive zeal, pushed woman-hatred to pathological extremes. Aquinas, the supreme expositor of scholasticism, drew his inspiration from Aristotle, who in turn had established that "small and weak things are accounted as if they were not" (Physics ii 5). Accordingly, women where characterized as having a weak temperament (Summa Theologica, Question 156, Article 1); and from here it was not too great a leap to further denigration of the "weaker" sex. Being unstable of reason and weak of temperament, women are easily led astray. Therefore, concludes St Thomas, as regards the body, women cannot be described as continent."

F.GONZALEZ-CRUSSI, 1988, On the Nature of Things Erotic. London : Pan.

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