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"{Further to Hutchings and Mednick's (1977) adoption findings,} even stronger evidence for a Heredity x Environment reported by Cloninger et al. (1982, Arch.Gen.Psychiat.39) in a cross-fostering analysis of "petty" criminality (infrequent minor property offences which are non-alcohol related).... A total of 862 Swedish adoptees were divided into four groups depending on the presence or absence of (a) a congenital disposition (i.e. whether biological parents were criminal) and (b) a post-natal disposition (variables concerned with rearing experiences and adoptive placement). When both predispositional factors were present, 40% of the adoptees were criminal compared with 12.1% with congenital-only present, 6.7% for post-natal-only, and 2.9% when both factors were absent.... Cadoret et al. (1983, Behavior Genetics 13) present data from three adoption studies which again confirm that when both genetic and environmental factors are present, they account for a greater number of antisocial behaviours than a combination of these two factors acting alone."

A.RAINE & P.H.VENABLES, 1992, 'Antisocial behaviour', in A.Gale & M.W.Eysenck, Handbook of Individual Differences. Chichester : Wiley DePublisher.

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