Comrade Haldane is too busy to go on holiday

JBS Haldane, Communism and Espionage

by Gavan Tredoux.

Awaiting publication.

HARRY [POLLITT] told HALDANE that the Soviet Academy of Science had asked him officially to approach HALDANE and invite him to go for a holiday to the Soviet Union.
HALDANE said hastily with a lot of stammering that he would not be able to take a holiday this summer.
HARRY said: "You won't?" in surprise and added that this was very important.
HALDANE stammering more than ever, said he knew it was important but he had to keep his laboratory going.
— Recorded at the King Street Headquarters of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1949

JBS Haldane's abandonment of his former friend, the Soviet geneticist Nikolai Vavilov, allowed him to show a finer appreciation of logical niceties than his Bloomsbury acquaintance E.M. Forster. Whereas Forster hoped to betray his country rather than his friend, Haldane knew that he could just as well betray both.

Based on the MI5 surveillance files and VENONA intercepts at the National Archives; the Haldane Archives at University College London; and many other primary sources previously overlooked. The VENONA intercepts dealing with Haldane are reproduced verbatim, in unredacted form. Haldane's unfinished autobiography, up to 1938, is also published here for the first time.

This book has now been accepted for publication. Details to follow shortly, or contact the author directly.