Not done Sir, but doing.

Plenty is doing.

"The crucial charge [against two parents] which led to the abduction [by social workers] of [the parents' two] children was of 'failing to stimulate' [the] eldest child, Darren, as much as a better parent would. That lack of stimulation was blamed for Darren's failure to develop intellectually and emotionally at the normal rate, for his low concentration span, and for his bouts of hyperactivity.... Both children were....taken into care and placed in foster homes.... The family's G.P. made his objections to any planned break-up of the family loud and clear. The Social Services disposed of them with Prussian efficiency.... The court-ordered assessment took nearly a year.... [finally] the medical report suggested that Darren's difficulties were genetic. They had nothing to do with 'lack of stimulation' at all.... [The Social Services] still proposed compulsory adoption for Darren and Gary. Why? Because the children had now been away so long from their parents it would only harm them to be returned."

Alasdair PALMER, 1993, 'The State stole their children'. The Spectator, 9 i.

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