Not done Sir, but doing.

Plenty is doing.

"Critics of personality research have asserted that consistency of personality is in the eye of the beholder and does not reflect differences between rated targets.... [In our study] three members of the same family, both parents and an adolescent, supplied self-ratings as well as ratings of the two other members.... The correlation between ratings of the same target by different perceivers [around r = .45] was compared with that between ratings of different targets by the same perceiver [r = .25].... the present study illustrates that lay people....tend to agree about the perceived characteristics of well-known targets, provided they can use the tools developed by professional psychologists instead of their own conceptual framework."

I.MERVIELDE & E.POT, 1989, European Journal of Personality 3.

Disclaimer: this quote appears here only to spark discussion. It is not endorsed one way or the other. Make up your own mind. Or just refresh the page for another viewpoint. From a collection assembled by the late Chris Brand.